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Nassau County Criminal Defense

Overview of Nassau County Criminal Charges

  • Larceny
  • Assault/harassment
  • Traffic violations/suspended license
  • Drug charges
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Workers’ compensation for White collar crimes
  • Weapons charges
  • Domestic violence
  • DWI
  • Criminal defense
  • Retirement disability/Social Security Disability

Nassau County Assault Defense Lawyer

Kim Lerner, Attorney

Fighting an Aggravated Assault Charge
in Nassau County

Assault charges can go on your record, even if they are reduced to a misdemeanor. A person can be charged with assault in Nassau County if they knowingly and recklessly cause bodily harm to another individual.

Lerner & Lerner investigates each assault case to determine: the nature of the assault (was it provoked?), the motive (was self-defense involved?), and for possible falsifications (does the victim have reason to fabricate?).

In Nassau County, Lerner & Lerner works with all different kinds of assault cases, including:

  • simple assault
  • aggravated assault
  • assault & battery
  • domestic violence
  • harassment
  • aggravated harassment
  • menace

Nassau County Harassment Lawyers

Harassment charges vary from case to case, depending on severity. Aggravated harassment can include communicating with an individual for purposes of alarming them or physical altercations involving striking, shoving or kicking. It is a misdemeanor offense that will go on your record.

Lerner & Lerner is here to discuss your Nassau County assault or harassment case in an up-front, non-judgmental way. They are committed to helping people through their case, working to give each client a fresh start. For a free consultation, contact the Nassau County criminal defense lawyers at 516-830-3808.

Nassau County Domestic Abuse Lawyer

Lerner & Lerner will fight orders of protection and domestic abuse charges aggressively, seeking to reduce charges and mitigate penalties. Often, domestic abuse or spousal violence is the result of many factors, including substance abuse, stress related to work, and a history of abuse. They use the best defense to seek alternatives when possible, such as bargaining for anger management courses, Alcoholics Anonymous, substance abuse counseling, mental health counseling or marital counseling.

They also defend clients against a variety of charges including harassment, aggravated harassment, stalking, menacing, assault, attempted assault, spousal abuse and attempted murder. They help clients who have been accused of domestic violence by studying all the facts of the case and seeking the best alternatives when possible.

Nassau County Drug Crime Lawyer

State and federal laws state that it it illegal to posses marijuana, methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, LSD, vicodin, oxycodone, Oxycontin, ecstasy, club drugs, and heroin. At Lerner & Lerner, they handle drug crime cases that involve possession of illegal drugs, drug possession charges with intent to sell, and other drug offenses that involve firearms or other aggravating factors.

Lerner & Lerner seeks to reduce charges and find alternatives to penalties such as jail time and fines. They fight for the best alternative, which could include attendance to drug treatment program in lieu of criminal charges.

Nassau County DWI Attorneys

Lerner & Lerner fight to lighten Nassau County DWI charges or have them dismissed when possible. They believe alternatives such as treatment programs have better long-term effects than the penalties favored by the prosecution such as substantial fines and jail time. In 2009, Leandra’s Act stated that driving while drunk with a child under the age of 15 in the car was an automatic felony. If convicted, the accused could face 4 years in prison. DWI laws are creating harsher penalties and restricting individual freedoms significantly, even for first time offenders. The process of a DWI court case is interlaced with many penalties now, and requires attention to a variety of charges. A Nassau County DWI case could include refusal hearings, driver’s license hearings, and any other aggravating factors involved in your case. Click here to learn more about a DWI in Nassau County.