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Nassau County DWI Lawyer

A drunk driving arrest in Nassau County can have dire consequences. For this reason, it is important to hire a Nassau County DWI lawyer. The penalties can go on your permanent record and affect future employment and your driving privileges. The short and long-term consequences cause stress, especially if you do not have adequate representation to ease you through the process. Due to the seriousness of such a case, it is imperative to choose an experienced and competent Nassau County DWI lawyer to represent your case and protect your rights as much as possible. A good Nassau County DWI lawyer can work to have your charges dismissed, reduced, or minimized within their ability. They can also explain court proceedings, fines, and charges to you throughout the complex and convoluted process.

Kim Lerner, Attorney

Lerner & Lerner take DWI cases in Nassau County and have a combined experience spanning five decades. Their prior work for the Office of the District Attorney has trained them with the know-how required for fighting a Nassau County drunk driving charge. Working from the ground up, they will examine your case to see if your Miranda rights have been violated, they will investigate the officer’s reasoning to pull you over and look for gaps in probable cause, and ensure that all protocols for administering breath or blood work were followed lawfully.

What is a DWI and a DWAI in New York?

There are two kinds of drunk driving offenses in New York. The more serious offense is a Driving While Intoxicated offense, which is basically operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) at or over 0.08%. The lesser offense is a DWAI, which is operating a motor vehicle with a BAC between 0.05%-0.079%.

A DWAI will be treated as a traffic ticket in New York. A DWI will go on your criminal record. The type of strategies used at Lerner & Lerner can make the difference between you receiving a traffic ticket or being inculpated with a Nassau County DWI offense.

Every Nassau County DWI charge differs from case to case, but normally a first time offender can bargain for community service and alcohol education classes in place of jail time. Today, prosecutors are cracking down on DWIs and fighting for jail time even with first time offenders.

If convicted with a Nassau County DWI, a criminal record could prevent you from future employment opportunities, opening a credit card account, and even gaining entry into Canada! With a second offense, you could be required to go to alcohol and/or drug rehabilitation, and be convicted of a felony. Prosecutors may even seek to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car, subjecting you to embarrassment every time you go to start your vehicle. To speak to a Nassau County DWI lawyer today call 516-830-3808.

Penalties and punishments for DWI in Nassau County

Any drunk driving offense in Nassau County is subject to jail time, fines, time in court, driving restrictions, mandatory community service, required attendance to alcohol education classes, and major restrictions on your individual freedoms. Being poorly represented when facing these serious penalties would be putting you at the mercy of the court, and negatively impact your life unnecessarily.

Lerner & Lerner have handled numerous Nassau County DWI offenses and have successfully helped their clients achieve the best possible outcome in their conviction. Former clients speak to their abilities in the court room to present the facts of their case and prove to the D.A. that their evidence was insufficient for the sought-after penalties. Former clients have shown Lerner & Lerner gratitude through their reviews for being personal, honest Nassau County DWI lawyers fighting for their rights and privileges. Their record shows success in fighting DWI cases, a testament stronger than words.

Free Initial Consultation with a Nassau County DWI Lawyer

To have a free case review with Lerner & Lerner and find out more about the charges you face and to receive honest advice from an experienced Nassau County DWI lawyer, call their office at 516-830-3808.