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Dunham & Jones, Fort Worth Lawyers

The lawyers at Dunham & Jones have found success over the years defending their clients because from the start, Paul Dunham has only sought out the best lawyers to join his legal team. He has individually selected former prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers that can each bring a unique perspective in your defense. Together, the attorneys at Dunham & Jones share a combined 200 years of experience and are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Since 1989, they have successfully been representing clients in criminal, injury and employment law. Their goal is to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

The lawyers at Dunham & Jones let their reputation and confidence speak for themselves. They have been voted Best Law Firm by the Daily Texan which reflects their commitment to top tier legal representation. In fact, they encourage prospective clients to shop around and compare them with other Texas law firms. This is because they are confident that you will not find another law firm with the resources, skill, experience and personal touch that their attorneys can offer. As a client with Dunham & Jones, you will never need an appointment to see them, someone will always be available to take your call or make time to see you should you decide to stop by with questions or concerns. With service like this, Dunham & Jones is so confident that you will be satisfied, they offer a �no questions asked’ 30-day money back guarantee.

Dunham & Jones also knows that money can be a source of stress, so they have payment plans that require no money down and revolve around your budget.

Meet the Fort Worth Lawyers at Dunham & Jones

Paul Dunham attended Louisiana State University where he received his Bachelor’s and Juris Doctorate. Twenty years ago, he opened the Dunham Law Firm and through continued success, has watched it grow to be one of the largest criminal defense practices in Texas. With offices in Austin and Fort Worth, Dunham & Jones now has close to 50 lawyers and staff overseeing its cases. It has been Paul’s dedication and commitment to excellence that has led him to this point over the years.

Scotty D. Jones graduated from Baylor Law School and is a member of the Tarrant County Criminal Defense Attorneys. Scotty has been an integral part of Dunham & Jones since he opened the Fort Worth office in 1997. What was once an office with a single attorney has now grown into one of Tarrant County’s largest law firms, boasting nearly twenty attorneys and staff members. Scotty has proven his valuable skill and experience by managing thousands of clients and trials in a wide range of criminal cases.

Dean Miyazono honorably served our country for four years as a U.S. Marine before graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics at the University of North Texas. Next, he received his Juris Doctorate from the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. Dean focuses primarily on criminal defense and has valuable experience in insurance defense as well as commercial litigation. Dean’s discipline, courage and skills make him a valuable asset to Dunham & Jones, as well as to your defense.

Jeff Casey has over 23 years of experience practicing law and has spent 15 of those years representing people in Texas who have been arrested. Jeff got off to an early start during law school and worked at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Houston before beginning his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney at the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office in Bryan, TX. It was there that Jeff began to acquire the skills and experience necessary to become an excellent attorney while trying several types of felony cases including DWI, homicide, burglary, drug possession and theft. Jeff also served as Assistant Attorney General in the State of Florida and his experience on both sides of a court could prove to be beneficial to your case.

Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

When it comes to Criminal Defense, the Fort Worth lawyers at Dunham & Jones have put their skills to the test continually in cases regarding but not limited to:

  • DWI
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Drug Possession
  • Internet Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Burglary

Regardless of the crime, a criminal record can prevent you from living your life to its fullest potential. Employers and landlords conduct background checks on a regular basis which could make getting a job or leasing an apartment or house very difficult. Essentially, a criminal record creates an unnecessary obstacle between you and your future goals. This is why the lawyers at Dunham & Jones work tirelessly to get your charges dismissed completely or reduced. They know how important your future is to you and want to provide you with a defense that is comprehensive and outstanding.

Personal Injury

The lawyers at Dunham & Jones are relentless in pursuing a fair trial and outcome when it comes to personal injuries. They understand how much a personal injury can impact a person’s life in a negative way. Often, people do not realize how much an injury can snowball into a number of problems, leading to even more added stress or anxiety. That is why Dunham & Jones are not afraid to challenge insurance companies no matter their size and defend your rights. Their Personal Injury Division can assist you in getting your car repaired, rental cars, medical expenses and lost wages so that you can sleep with peace of mind. Their lawyers always maintain a professional demeanor while aggressively pursuing your claim to ensure the process is smooth and to your benefit.

The personal injury lawyers at Dunham & Jones can represent you in a wide variety of injury cases pertaining to:

  • Accident Injuries
  • Pedestrian
  • Auto
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Truck
  • Motorcycle
  • Complex Personal Injuries
  • General liability
  • Products liability or construction
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect
  • Dog bites
  • Representation of children
  • Slip and fall
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurological
  • Burns
  • Head or brain injuries

As you can see, Dunham & Jones offer an extensive list of representation in Personal Injury to serve Tarrant County.

In addition to these areas of personal injury, Dunham & Jones also assist clients through the complexities of Auto Accident claims. They can guide you through each step of the process concerning health insurers and liability insurers so that you know every possible course of action has been examined. They have handled thousands of auto and health insurance claims and will begin working on your case immediately to ensure that your claim is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Employment Law

Employers control a major aspect of life which directly affect economic status, living preferences and overall well-being. When you consider this, it is understandable that employment law can be especially stressful when problems arise. If you find yourself asking one of the following the questions, let the lawyers at Dunham & Jones assist you now:

  • Am I being paid fairly for the work related to my job?
  • Am I being paid correctly for any overtime work?

If you believe your employer owes you money, we can assist you in finding out. Did you know that you may qualify for overtime pay regardless of being part-time, hourly or salaried? Also, if your employer requires that any task be done in order to start your work, such as getting dressed in proper attire or warming up a piece of equipment, you are entitled to pay for that as well. Did you know that you may also be compensated for any work favors asked of you during personal time?

Unfortunately, some employers know that their employees may be uninformed when it comes to fair pay laws and choose to take advantage of this. If you are already struggling to pay your bills, this can be even more frustrating. The lawyers at Dunham & Jones understand that you may be hesitant in questioning your employer for fear of retaliation or some sort of disciplinary action. With the Fair Labor Standards Act as their shield, Dunham & Jones will help you recover wages and overtime pay that you were unfairly robbed of in the past. They can even help you receive liquidated damages up to twice the amount of your original claim.

If something just seems odd or suspicious about your wages, Dunham & Jones will meet with you for an initial consultation with no further obligation. They will discuss your situation with you while outlining the potential legal remedies. After a quick analysis of past pay and wage information, they will provide you with a fair and honest appraisal of your eligibility for back pay. Their lawyers believe that whether your employer has intentionally or accidentally withheld wages, you deserve to be treated fairly.

Unparalleled Representation

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